The Software Plan is an affordable way to get your computer serviced, in case you get a virus or something goes wrong.  The Software Plan is only available when you purchase a computer from computers.  The Software Plan provides you with the following:

  • A paid 1 year subscription of an Antivirus product
  • Three In-Store Repairs:  could be used for a full cleanup, software adjustments, or virus removal
  • ​PLUS Free Data Transfer from old computer to purchased computer

The Software Plan is good up to a year from the computer purchase date.

When you purchase a computer from Computers, the Software Plan is an add-on assurance for help! 

What is the Software Plan?

Software Plan

Do you have an Antivirus Software on your computer?

Did you purchase the Software Plan?

Although having an Antivirus Software does not guarantee you won't be infected with a virus, it does provide basic general protections.  If you purchased the Software Plan, you're covered up to a year!  Plus, if you purchased the Software Plan, virus removals are covered (up to 3 general In-Store repairs in total up to a year of purchase date).

If you did not purchase the Software Plan, we also have an affordable antivirus product for sale. Give us a call!

If you purchased the Software Plan, relax, we got you covered!  If you did not add it on at the time of purchase, we will extend you a courtesy 14 days from date of purchase to buy the Software Plan. 

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