Our Vision

Refurbished Computers

We also provide the convenience of lower-priced refurbished computers of major brands such as, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, and more. We will be happy to find the right deal which suits your requirements.


 “We can clean it up and get it back “on the road” for you, which is important because most people just want it the way it was before the problem. We figured out that it’s less about the operating system and more about the hours and hours that people have poured into their computers data, applications and configuration and that’s where we really shine ….”

Your Satisfaction Is Important To Us

With over 30 years of experience and a great staff, we strive to resolve your computer issues in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. You get a 30-day warranty on all our in-store repairs, so we can work through any adjustments after the repair.

Serving the

Treasure Coast

Since 2005

In Store Or Onsite Services

SunGeek.com Computers provides services in our store, or in your home and office.  In some situations, we recommend the repair be done in our store, as some problems take longer to diagnose and/or fix.  In those situations, you are not paying for a by-the-hour technician, but a flat low rate, regardless of how long it takes to fully work through a problem.

About SunGeek.com Computers

The repair of computers can be as mystifying for some customers as air conditioning units or automobile engines. But we do our best to lift the veil on computer repair and give our clients an understanding of what they face when they see the “blue screen of death”, or annoying malware that threatens them with fines and penalties if they don’t call a 1-800 number, or visit a website in order to “fix” their home or office computer.

Ultimately, it comes down to trust and how “we” have developed that trust is by doing the work as if it was for family. Because it is, our Treasure Coast family. And that’s what we try to do every, single time.

About Us

We Understand Your Needs Better

Most computer owners are not technicians. We want to know exactly what is going wrong, or what you are looking for, in your words.   We will find a solution that meets YOUR needs, and we will also explain it to  you so that you can understand it.  You can trust our team to make sure you get what you want.​